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I recently purchased the Turtle Beach Sentinel Task Force Xbox One gaming headset from Amazon. I was looking for a wireless headset to replace the one that plugs into my Xbox. When I first saw Amazon’s page it said that this headset was wireless. Apparently, enough people complained and the sales page has since been changed, because this headset is by no definition of the word, wireless. I read the reviews that said there was a cord that hung from the headset, but the reviews also said that this was wireless with Xbox consoles. I assumed that meant you could plug the cord into a computer or something and use it wired with that, while the Xbox controller had a wireless adapter that would allow you to use the headset totally wirelessly similar to plugging in a USB stick for a wireless mouse. I was wrong.

The earphones and headset itself has no batteries or power of any kind, it is impossible to use this wirelessly. It must be plugged into the Xbox controller or a speaker or headphone port. Not only that, but it uses a massive amount of power from the controller. I have my controller hooked up to a play and charge kit and with this headset connected it drains the power faster than you can charge it. It appears that Amazon has removed any reference of being “wireless” from the sales page and the box from Turtle Beach now says “Wired” right on the front.

Now that that’s out of the way, the headset itself is made from very rigid plastic. It may loosen up the more I wear it, however right now it is difficult to position comfortably on my head. Sometimes I actually get headaches from how tight it is and both the top and the ear pieces, while they are well cushioned dig into my scalp pretty significantly.

Because it is such a tight fit, it does drown out the room noise very well. The sound quality is superb and what you would expect from Turtle Beach. Before using these, I was just using my TV’s speakers and a couple cheap computer speakers with a subwoofer running at 25 watts. With these headphones I consistently hear sounds in games that I have been playing for over a year, that I had never heard before and didn’t know existed. Obviously you can’t compare that directly to the Xbox One stock headphones, because they only play the voices. That is one of the great features of the Sentinel headset, the variable chat/game volume control.

Being able to easily change the balance between game and chat volume is very useful. I frequently find myself playing games where I’m solo on one part and want the game volume higher and I’m in a party on the next part and want to be able to hear the other players better. The headset’s function of lessening the game volume when someone is speaking does work, but when you’re in a squad of five or six, there is rarely a time when someone is not talking, so that feature isn’t noticeably important.

One thing that is important is that everyone I have asked, has said that my voice is coming across  very loud and clear. And the sound quality of voices in chat is very clear. Overall the sound quality provides a deep rich bass, even without the bass boost turned on, and all the sounds come through crystal clear. The faults with this headset lie in the comfort level, as it is very difficult to wear for hours on end, and the cord and power consumption. I purchased this as a lightning deal for $59.99 and I would recommend it at that price, but I don’t think it is worth the $90 to $100 it is currently selling for on Amazon. If you going to shell out a lot of money for a headset I would go for an even higher end edition that is built for more comfort than this model.

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