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The Taken King Has Arrived

Posted by 8th Gen Gaming on September - 15 - 2015

Crota, The Son of Oryx is dead. He made the mistake of bringing a sword to a gunfight. Guardians made him kneel in the depths of the Hellmouth before executing him with one of his own blades. Oryx, The Taken King, has come to avenge his son’s death.



Bungie and Activision’s new release – Destiny, The Taken King is available today. This is basically the third Destiny Expansion pack but Activision wanted to charged $40 bucks for it, so its being packaged with Destiny and Expansions 1 and 2 in new Legendary and Collectors editions and being sold almost as an individual game (that requires the base game in order to play). It does sound like this is the last expansion for the first Destiny and Guardians may have to wait for Destiny 2 for the next DLC.

In the meantime, the Taken King DLC is offering a couple upgrades that Guardians have been clamoring for since Destiny’s release. First off, players will¬†have a third sub-class for each character – a Solar Titan, Void Hunter and Arc Warlock. Next, the Light levels have been revamped so that it is the total average of all your equipped gear and not just your armor. This is obviously going to make it more difficult to level up weapons since a Guardians total light level will be so much lower with a brand new weapon equipped.

In addition many of the graphics have been redesigned, for instance the map of the solar system got a completely new look and feel to it. However, many of the “new” quests are nearly identical to the grind it out and collect items from dead enemies game that everyone is used to. For instance here is the first step of the new war with the Taken –

Taken Assault: Earth

“If I did not know you better, Ikora, I would say you are fretting. To answer your real question: no. In my estimation, there is no danger of Petra Venj ‘pulling an Eris Morn’.”

  • Eris Morn, Hidden Report XXI.I

Kill Taken Lieutenants with a fireteam to summon Champions. Seek them out at the Divide, Skywatch, and Rocketyard in the Cosmodrome.

  • Taken Champions – 0/2
  • Curious Object – 0/1
  • Fallen Ether – 0/25
  • Blighted Ether – 0/15

The Champions and The Taken with the Blighted Ether drop on those locations sort of like public events or the Wolf Pack prowling and it lasts for a couple minutes. We’ll probably have to wait for the new Raid activity to see how much new stuff Bungie put in. The Nightfall isn’t up yet either, however there is a new Heroic Strike Playlist that is level 41.

Another major change is that your actual level is once again increased by XP and separate from a Guardians light level. You can also now upgrade your ghost and acquire different emotes, presumably other than pointing and waving. Of course Attack and Defense numbers for weapons and armor were tweaked from 365 to 170 for weapons and 400 to 500 down to 170 for armor. That is for the old weapons and armor. The new Expansion weapons and armor are higher, even the common green ones. This is either going to add a level of complexity to the game or just make it plain confusing. Either way, get your fireteams together now before anybody can figure which numbers are good and which ones are bad.

For all the noobs out there Destiny wants it to be easy for you to jump right in and you receive a gift from the Postmaster that will raise your Guardian to level 25 immediately. So this new version of Destiny has enough tweaks and differences that it is worth it for regular players to get the new DLC, and this is something I normally would not recommend for casual players. However, Bungie has made it so the previous parts of the game are somewhat irrelevant and less enjoyable to play, forcing even casual players to buy the Taken King DLC just to enjoy the game as a whole.

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