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More Taken King Gear From Xur In Destiny

Posted by 8th Gen Gaming on September - 26 - 2015


Xur is back in the hanger this week, immediately right from spawn and another right once you hit the Hanger doors.


Exotic Armor –

Ruin Wings (Titan Gauntlets (Taken King) – 13 Strange Coins)

In the Garden grows a tree of silver wings. The leaves are ruin, the bark disaster. Of the seeds we do not speak.

  • Defense – 280
  • Intellect – 32/45
  • Strength – 28/41

Perks –

  • Heavy ammo drops more often, and contains more ammo in each drop.
  • Increased reload speed with Rocket Launchers.
  • Increased grenade throw distance.

Sealed Ahamkara Grasps (Hunter Guantlets (Taken King) – 13 Strange Coins)

Plating the Ahamkara bones in silver helps to quiet the auditory hallucinations…oh bearer mine.

  • Defense – 280
  • Strength – 57/70

Perks –

  • Gain additional melee charge, and melee damage may reload Primary Weapon.
  • Increased melee attack speed.
  • Increased reload speed with Fusion Rifles.

Light Beyond Nemesis (Warlock Helmet (Taken King) – 13 Strange Coins)

These are the wings of prativy-samutpada, the truth of interconnectedness. The everywhere Light.

  • Defense – 280
  • Intellect – 60/75

Perks –

  • Supers generate an extra Orb.
  • More Super energy from non-Guardian kills.
  • Gain bonus melee energy on Orb pickups.


Exotic Weapon –

Legacy Engram – Primary Weapon Engram – 31 Strange Coins

This is another “Legacy” Engram, so these will be the old Exotics from year one.

Hawkmoon (Hand Cannon) – 23 Strange Coins

Stalk thy prey and let loose thy talons upon the Darkness.

  • Attack – 280
  • Magazine – 11

Perks –

  • Two more random bullets in your magazine deal considerable bonus damage.
  • One random bullet in the magazine causes considerable bonus damage.

This hand cannon was previously only available on Playstation, but with the release of the Taken King, Bungie has put this on all platforms. For a Hand Cannon, the reload speed is relatively fast and the magazine size is huge so it doesn’t matter as much. For 23 Strange Coins, if you like Hand Cannons this is a must own.

This week Xur has the Three Of Coins consumable at 7 Strange Coins for a pack of five, which gives the user a chance that the next Ultra they defeat will drop an Exotic Engram. Xur also has three Heavy Ammo packs for one Strange Coin and two Sparrow upgrades for 23 Strange Coins each.

In short Bungie and Activision nerfed everything everybody has down over the past year and made us pay an additional $40 bucks to do it.

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