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Get Your Exotics From Xur Before The Taken King Is Released

Posted by 8th Gen Gaming on August - 21 - 2015


Xur is in the original Tower again and he has some House of Wolves armore. He is hanging out straight ahead from spawn in the Tower, back in the Vanguard room on the right side.


Exotic Armor –

Eternal Warrior (Titan Helmet (House Of Wolves) – 13 Strange Coins)

Absolute, unflinching resolve.

  • Defense – 491
  • Light – 42
  • Intellect – 72
  • Discipline – 57

Perks –

  • More Super energy from non-Guardian kills.
  • Replenish health when you pick up an Orb.
  • Provides Unstoppable for Fist of Havoc.

Mask Of The Third Man  (Hunter Helmet – 13 Strange Coins)

“It wasn’t me. It was the Third Man.”

  • Defense – 451/491
  • Light – 36/42
  • Intellect –  97/102

Perks –

  • Increased melee attack speed.
  • Replenish health when you pick up an Orb.
  • Arc Blade attacks use less super energy.

Starfire Protocol (Warlock Chest Armor – 13 Strange Coins)

13.4 billion years ago, the first stars kindled out of darkness, seeding the future of all life.

  • Defense – 492/536
  • Light – 36/42
  • Intellect – 123/130

Perks –

  • Gain an additional Fusion Grenade.
  • Carry more ammo for Fusion Rifles.
  • Carry more ammo for Heavy Weapons.


Exotic Weapon –

Thunderlord (Machine Gun – 17 Strange Coins)

“They rest quiet on fields afar…for this is no ending, but the eye.”

  • Attack – 334/365
  • Magazine – 38

Perks –

  • This weapon fires faster and more accurately the longer the trigger is held.
  • Kills with this weapon increase reload speed for a short time.

I greatly prefer Rocket Launchers to Machine Guns, however when using a Machine Gun these are the two perks that are absolutely essential. Heavy Machine Guns are so inaccurate and have such a high recoil, the first perk is necessary to be able to get the largest amount of bullets on target as possible. As for the second perk, we all know how slow the reload speed of these weapons are. The Thunderlord having Arc damage is also a bonus, since just about all my Heavy Weapons seem to be Solar or Void. Definitely pick this up if you haven’t yet, it may come in handy in the Taken King.

This week Xur is also offering one Exotic Shard for seven Strange Coins and a Chest Armor Engram for 23 Motes of Light. In addition he has five Heavy Ammo Synthesis packs for one Strange Coin and five Rocket Launcher, Pulse Rifle or Auto Rifle Telemetry for one Strange Coin each.

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