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Destiny – Petra’s Wanted Bounty Target Locations

Posted by 8th Gen Gaming on June - 27 - 2015

Wanted:Tracer Shanks
Wanted Bounty

Hunt Wanted Tracer Shanks in the Cosmodrome’s Breach.

“Some of the Wolves’ Tracer Shanks are Causing problems. Scrap them and you’ll be paid.”–Petra



This bounty is one of the quicker ones on Earth and isn’t that far from where you start. From spawn head to the right and in to the building ruins towards Dock 13 and The Divide. The Breach, of course, refers to the breach in the wall of the city (where you first started the game). Once you reach The Divide head to the right and back into the sewer tunnels. Watch out for the three mines that have been placed in the hallways and on the bridge leading to your targets. The Tracer Shanks are hanging out just across the first bridge you come to. Eliminate them and collect the bounty.

Wanted: Repeater Shanks
Wanted Bounty

Hunt Wanted Repeater Shanks in the N/Gen building ruins on Venus.

“We’re tracking some Repeater Shanks on Venus. Don’t let them fall into the House of Winter’s hands.”–Petra



From spawn head to the right towards the Shattered Coast. Right when you reach the Shattered Coast you’ll want to take your first left into the buildings and proceed to the blue underground causeway. Go through that towards the Academy and through the fighting Vex and Fallen. You have to go through a couple more hallways and then you’ll reach Ishtar Commons, the big room with more warring Vex and Fallen. Go down the stairs and into the room. This is where you spawn when playing the Sekrion: The Nexus Mind strike. Immediately go to the right and head towards the back of the room. Head down the stairs and in the first room you find more Vex and your target Repeater Shanks. Kill them and collect your bounty.

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