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Bugs Plague The Citizens Of Tamriel In The Elder Scrolls Online

Posted by 8th Gen Gaming on June - 22 - 2015

Last week’s launch of the Elder Scrolls Online for the eighth generation consoles was anything but epic for Bethesda Software. Many players were not able to log in at all and most experienced excessively long wait times. Those of us who were able to log in experienced problems with jumpy screens, specifically in populated areas, NPCs not appearing and the inability to interact with non-player characters.

On Sunday Bethesda spent a long time providing maintenance on their servers and hopefully most of the pervasive┬áproblems have been corrected with the hot fix patch. Some of issues the company hoped to work out were players being dropped from the server because the user “hit the message rate limit”. Called error 318, it actually had nothing to do with what the user was doing.

Another fixed the queuing system display which was displaying players as in the “0” position in the queue with “0” second wait time and then of course the player would have to wait five to ten minutes before they were put in the game. In addition some users friends list is not populating in-game, forcing players to create guilds and invite their friends in order to do group activities.

Some of the biggest issues have been users who purchased the Explorer’s Pack or the Imperial Edition not having their items delivered. This specific problem has also affected players who purchased an Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Plus membership not receiving their allotment of crowns. Of course the biggest bug being people not able to log in at all.

The queuing system and being dropped from the server seem to have been largely resolved. The other major issues are supposed to be fixed in the next patch. For the others Bethesda recommends logging out and immediately logging back in again.

Many players are very frustrated and I personally expected that most of the issues should have been worked out during alpha and beta testing before going live. However, once you actually get into the game some problems are understandable because it is absolutely massive. The amount of items to collect, craft and wield alone can be daunting to gamers who are not veterans of role playing games.

This is an incredibility immersive game and I love the fact that it is a subscription optional game unlike World of Warcraft or similar RPGs. The optional subscription is called ESO plus and gives the subscriber monthly crowns and XP and gold bonuses. I plan to write a full review once I’m able to get more into the game.


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